White car with text paintless dent repair
Quickly get your car back to its original condition through outstanding PDR professionals with no hassle, no effect on your premiums and zero out of pocket.
White car with text paintless dent repair


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Haven’t made your claim yet? We will guide you through it! 
Make sure you have your insurance policy number on you.
Before you leave your car with us, let’s make sure you have another vehicle to drive.
If you don’t have a second vehicle to drive or your policy has no rental coverage, we will take care of you with a loaner car. 
We offer free pickup and delivery, and free carpool if needed.





In a dark room with specialized equipment we will mark all the dents and related damages, put together a report and then contact your insurance directly.
If the insurance already looked at it, don’t worry!
They are already expecting a more accurate inspection from us.
Your adjuster will visit our shop and inspect your car using our special lights. After that, they give us the OK to start working on it.





We average 1-4 days to completely finish the repairs on a vehicle damaged by hail.

Fix your car at no cost!

Why choose us

Fix your car at no cost!

We are willing to waive your deductible in order to earn your business and possibly a 5-star review as well.  If your policy has no Rental Coverage, don’t worry! We will help you with that too.

No effect on your premiums

Hail Damage is considered an Act of Nature/Act of God and goes under your comprehensive policy.
Plus, we are not required to report it to Carfax.

High standards of quality

All of our technicians have over 6 years of experience with PDR and have worked in factories all over the globe. We guarantee they will make your car look like it was never damaged.

Quick Turnaround

Our office staff specializes in dealing with the insurance companies in order to speed up the process. We will have your car back smooth and clean much faster than regular bodyshops or collision centers.

Keep your original paint

We remove the dents caused by hail without having to repaint your vehicle through Paintless Dent Repair - PDR - techniques. We only do Body Work and Paint jobs when truly needed.

Windshield replacement

We replace parts beyond economical repair, such as cracked windshields, broken mirror covers or headlights, etc.

Zero Hassle for you

We guarantee all your hail dents will be removed and you will be satisfied with the workmanship.

Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee all your hail dents will be removed and you are satisfied with the workmanship.

Fix your car at no cost!

We work directly with all insurance carriers

About us

Our mission is to make the process of repairing hail damaged vehicles effortless and costless for our customers by diligently working with their insurance providers, arranging proper logistics, and returning their cars in an outstanding condition.
What The Hail Team
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We’re here to assist you. Contact us at (833) 777 2009 or fill out the contact form, and we’ll ensure your needs are met.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What The Hail Auto Dent Repair will remove your dents using a process called PDR (paintless dent removal). We may also replace parts or do paint and body work when needed.
Definitely not! Some claim agents follow a script encouraging you to do that but in reality it may actually delay the process because their estimates are usually not accurate and they expect us to do our own inspection and supplement anyway.
No! Hail damage is considered an act of God/natural disaster and will not make your insurance rates go up.
Legally, you get to choose who repairs your vehicle. If you go with their repair shop you will need to pay the deductible as they are under contract and are required to charge you.
If you filed a claim, not fixing it shall result in your insurance company placing a restriction for ‘unrepaired damage’. That means any future claims will be denied until your hail damage is repaired.
Insurance checks are valid for 180 days, and estimates are based on current rates. Taking longer than that will increase your risk of complications with your insurance due to ‘unrepaired damages’.
If your policy has rental coverage, you should tell your insurance that we already have your vehicle and you need a rental car ASAP. They will generate a reservation number, however they don’t really track if the car rental place actually has or not a car available for you. You have to call and check with them as well.
If you don’t have a second car available to drive we can provide you with a rental car.
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.